Business and Commercial Litigation

Our legal system can provide great clarity, but also uncertainty for civil litigants. We have represented major companies and individuals in commercial and contract disputes. We have been lead counsel in business and shareholder matters, securities, banking, employment, and trademark cases. Further, we have represented officers and directors of both large and small companies in a variety of cases involving alleged breaches of fiduciary duty and corporate malfeasance. Our knowledge of the legal community makes us well suited to lead and work alongside any team of advocates.

White Collar Defense and Parallel Proceedings

The firm represents both corporations and individuals in a wide range of matters during their preliminary phases, grand jury investigations, and trial. Our partners include former top federal prosecutors who understand the seriousness and complexities of criminal and quasi-criminal investigations, and have experience in responding to allegations of health care fraud, mail and wire fraud, RICO, deceptive trade practices, FCPA, securities fraud, bank and mortgage fraud, antitrust, and environmental violations. Increasingly, companies find themselves in the posture of simultaneously defending themselves in multiple forums, including class actions, SEC investigations, federal grand jury proceedings, and a variety of administrative, state or federal inquiries. We are suited to help develop the strategies and coordinate defenses in complex parallel proceedings.

Corporate Integrity, Compliance and Internal Investigations

The firm has represented large companies and businesses, as well as officers and directors, in their efforts to keep their own houses in order. Whether under Sarbanes-Oxley or the anti-fraud and anti-kickback provisions by which the business community is expected to abide, the firm has represented numerous entities before governmental agencies including the SEC, the Office of the Attorney General, and HHS. We have led internal audits for health care providers, and spearheaded internal investigations into fraud, waste and abuse for a variety of businesses. We believe companies need to be proactive in responding to compliance and abuse allegations, as the government often credits corporations that diligently respond to issues that arise.

Public Interest Litigation & Counsel

Our attorneys have played leading roles in some of the most important public affairs lawsuits affecting our state and county. For example, we have represented a group of organizational and individual plaintiffs in the ground-breaking challenge to Florida’s congressional and state senate redistricting under the constitutional Fair Districts Amendments, arguing novel and critical issues in the Florida Supreme Court, appellate court, and trial court.  We also regularly provide legal advice to candidates in some of the state and county’s most high-profile elections.  By way of other examples, we have represented the Miami-Dade County Property Appraiser in an action to establish the constitutional nature of the elected office, the Town Clerk of Miami Lakes in a legal action to determine the Town’s mayor, and a number of interested parties as amici curiae in a federal First Amendment challenge to a Florida law prohibiting doctors from inquiring about firearms in their patients’ homes.

Class Action Litigation

Our lawyers have the ability to represent both plaintiffs and defendants in class actions and multi-district litigation. Having litigated some of the largest and most complex class actions in the nation, we have the experience and skill to manage multi-state and nationwide class action litigation involving securities claims, consumer fraud, torts, and corporate governance litigation. We are also well-suited to serve as local counsel and liaison counsel for class actions being litigated in the federal and state courts in Florida.

Crisis Management & Strategic Guidance

Most lawyers lack the background to appreciate the impact that a crisis – even of short duration – can have on a business’s reputation and bottom line. Companies need a plan to win not just in the courtroom, but also in the court of public opinion, where a media cycle can be as damaging as an adverse verdict. Our firm is not only equipped to represent you in the courtroom or a negotiation, but we have unique media and public affairs experience that allows us to manage high profile investigative, governmental and transactional matters that implicate a company’s or an individual’s reputation.

Local Government Counsel

Our backgrounds in government allow us to provide critical assistance to local governments when the need for special counsel arises.  We have represented local government entities and officials in a wide range of lawsuits and provided comprehensive counsel in such areas as employment, charter review, land use, Section 1983 defense, public forum speech, torts, and contract actions.

International Arbitration

Miami is a central location for sophisticated and complex international arbitrations, and we are well-equipped to represent clients in the most challenging of these cases.  We have extensive experience working with clients from South America, Europe, and elsewhere, and are well-versed in the unique rules and practices for such matters.  Our procedural knowledge, appreciation for international business practices, and strong trial skills combine to make us an excellent fit.

Employment Litigation

The firm has the experience and skill to represent parties in a wide range of employment cases, including actions brought under the federal and state discrimination and restrictive covenant statutes. We have tried employment cases before a number of different courts and know how to present the important facts and arguments to judges and juries.

Civil Rights Cases

Our extensive experience in government and in the courtroom puts us in a unique position to represent parties who need the justice system to help redress violations of their civil rights.  We have represented plaintiffs in federal actions under Section 1983 and understand how to overcome the obstacles that often prevent deserving people from vindicating their rights.


The firm has experience in receiverships as both the Receiver and as counsel to Receivers. The purpose of a Receiver is to protect and recover assets. Too often inordinate amounts of funds recovered for victims or injured parties end up being spent on legal and administrative fees. Our belief is that in order to maximize the return for the real victims, a Receiver should utilize a team specifically assembled for the task at hand. This means more return for those who have truly been victimized.